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Deluxe Lawn Care Program with Free Grub Prevention

Our deluxe lawn care service is designed to keep your lawn looking great with top of the line fertilizers












Our most popular lawn maintenance program includes 6 visits to your lawn. The first fertilizer application is applied in March or April and every 5-7 weeks afterwards. This allows our trained and licensed lawn technicians to monitor the lawn all season. Here are the things we cover in the popular program that will Bring Life To Your Lawn!

Stop The Crabgrass! Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control

Every good lawn care program begins with the prevention of crabgrass. We have extensively researched all available pre-emergents and feel that we use the best product on the market. We are confident that this will ensure complete crabgrass control all season. Any unlikely outbreaks will be spot sprayed with a post-emergent.


Make your lawn Green! Quality Balance Lawn Fertilizers

We know that when it comes to lawn care that Greener grass is better. Our fertilizers provide a consistent improvement of color throughout the growing season. We deliver the proper rates of nutrients to meet your lawn's specific and individual requirements. Your lawn will be on its way to a Greener, Thicker and Healthier life!


No More Weeds! Complete Broadleaf Weed Control

Trust us, we dislike weeds in your lawn as much as you do. Our technicians take pride in our weed control program. Since there are different weeds depending on the time of season, we have developed a program that will rid your lawn of both perennial and annual weeds. Our timely visits allow us to consistently stay on top of potential weed problems keeping your lawn looking healthy and weed free!


No More Bugs! Surface Insect Control

Insects can cause real problems even in healthy lawns. There are a number of insects that feed on the blades of grass including chinch bugs and other surface insects. We provide an application in early summer that will aid in the prevention of these pesky insects from doing any damage.

*This does not include the Grub Control application which can be seen in our Special Services page.


No More Worries! Free Service Calls and Seasonal Newsletters

We know that you may have concerns throughout the season. Rest assured that if your lawn needs our attention we will be there in a timely manner to address the issue. You will also receive our free newsletters filled with informative tips and seasonal coupons! Grass Master provides FREE lawn evaluations to greater Akron, Canton and Cleveland areas! Get Your Free Lawn Care Evaluation.

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