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Grub Prevention

A separate application is made to the entire lawn to eliminate white grub worms before they can do any serious damage to the lawn. This application is usually made in the late Spring and will provide protection through the following Spring. This extra cost application is avaliable for customers on the Deluxe or Budget Program that want the complete assurance from grub damage. The Supreme Program automatically provides this control at no additional fee. Click Here For A Free Quote!


Core Aeration

Compacted soil and thatch are two big obstacles to a healthy lawn. Core Aeration will help to alleviate these problems by allowing beneficial air, water and nutrient movement to reach the root zone. Aeration should be a regular part of any annual lawn maintenance program to keep soil compaction and thatch in check. Click Here For A Free Quote!



This application is provided to keep the soil pH at the proper level for maximum turf growth. Since soils tend to become acidic (lower pH) over time, we recommend a lime application at least every other year while the lawn is on a fertilizer program. Click Here For A Free Quote!


Surface Insect Control

Insects can cause severe problems even in a healthy lawn. This separate insect application is made over the lawn to eliminate surface feeding insects such as chinchbugs, sod webworms and billbugs. This application can be made anytime there is a problem with these insects but control is usually only required in the late Spring through early Fall. This optional application is available for those lawns on the Deluxe program that develop insect problems at no additional cost.  Click Here For A Free Quote!


Complete Grass & Weed Control

Weeds growing in driveways, sidewalks, patios and other areas can spoil the overall appearance of your landscape. We can provide applications to eliminate unsightly weeds and grasses that are presently growing in these areas and prevent future growth for up to (2) months. Click Here For A Free Quote!




Foundation Insect Shield

Grass Master offers this special application up to 5 times during the season and lasts from 6-8 weeks between treatments. This application is formulated to keep those pesky insects from coming into your home by putting a barrier around the foundation of the house. This treatment keeps insects such as ants, spiders, fleas, centipedes, millipedes and earwigs from coming in. Click Here For A Free Quote!






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