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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we need to stay off the grass after you apply a treatment?

We generally advise our customers to stay off the lawn for about an hour, until the application is dry.

How long until our pets can go out on the lawn?

About an hour, until it drys.

Are these products safe?

Our products, when applied by our technicians are practically non-toxic. In fact, the benefits from these products far outweigh any concerns associated with their use.

What's better? Dry fertilizer or liquid?

Whether we use liquid or dry fertilizer, the results are the same. Many people think that because they can see the granules until they are watered in, that the product lasts longer, when in fact, it just means that it hasn't gone into the soil yet.

Why do you apply a treatment in the summer when it's so hot and dry? What good does it do?

Summer is a stressful time for lawns. Nutrients need to be replenished. Also, many turf damaging insects and summer weeds encroach. Your technician needs to be on your lawn at 6-8 week intervals, to guarantee your lawn doesn't suffer from potential damade that could occur in his absence.

If it rains, is my lawn application going to work on the weeds?

If it rains heavily for an extended period of time right after an application, you may see reduced effectiveness of weed control. This can be taken care of by a weed control "service call", which would be provided as part of your full service program. We usually ask that you wait fourteen days, and we will come to your lawn to check for weed control response. If it appears the weeds aren't responding, we will reapply at no charge.

It seems like the technician finishes my lawn treatment very quickly. Am I getting a good application if he's walking fast?

Our technicians are trained to apply the products at the proper rate. The spreaders and sprayers are all calibrated to apply the units according to your technician's walking speed.

I had some leaves on my lawn when it was treated. Will this keep the product from getting to the turf?

Leaves are porous and usually will not adversely effect an application, but generally we will not put a treatment down over heavy leaf coverage.

It's April 15th. and I haven't had my crabgrass control applied. Isn't it too late?

Crabgrass control can be applied effectively until mid May, with excellent results.

The moles are tearing up my lawn. Does this mean I have grubs?

Not neccessarily. Moles do feed on grubs, but they also feed on earthworms, beetles and their larvae, centipedes, seed pods or husks, spiders, crickets, etc. If you are concerned that you have a grub problem, call Grass Master toll free at 1-888-473-3637 for a free lawn analysis.

When is the best time to aerate? Spring or Fall?


What’s in your organic fertilizer?

Our organic fertilizer is made from natural sources like feather, bone, meat, fish poultry and blood meal.

Is it ok to mow my lawn after fertilizer is applied?

We recommend you wait 24 to 48 hours after the application is applied for optimum weed control response.

What happens if it rains after Grass Master applies my fertilizer?

We recommend the applications are watered in within the first 48 hours, the rain will aid in this process. We do include a product called Sticker, that helps the application adhere to the weeds.

How long does it take for fertilizer to take effect?

Typically, you will notice results within 7-10 days after the application is applied.

My neighbor and I each use Grass Master and they’ve received more treatments than me. Did you forget about my lawn?

Absolutely not! We develop your fertilization schedule based on your lawn’s specific needs, so you get a lawn care plan that’s tailored to you.

Fertilizer was put down yesterday. Why do I still have weeds?

All weeds and lawns are different. Some curl up and die right away, and others take a few days or even a few fertilizer treatments.

Why should I use a professional lawn care company?

Not only is a beautiful lawn a great place for entertaining and family fun, it can also raise your property value by up to 15%. The experts at Grass Master take the work out of lawn care, and give you the peace of mind knowing it’s taken care of.