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Pythium Blight

How to Identify Pythium Blight

Pythium blight appears suddenly during hot, humid weather and is common in the wettest areas of the turf as well as in the surface drainage pattern. This lawn disease causes greasy, brown circular spots that are initially about one to two inches in diameter that rapidly enlarge in size. These spots are water-soaked and darker colored early in the morning.

Why Is Pythium Blight a Problem for Your Lawn?

This lawn fungus can be deceiving, making grass in your lawn look and feel wet and oily. As hot and humid weather continues, Pythium blight can cause infected turf to wilt quickly, brown and die. In some cases, the infected turf can also grow cotton candy-like fluff.

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Turf Infected with Pythium Blight

Susceptible Grass Types

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