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Summer Patch

How to Identify Summer Patch

Summer patch usually appears as circular or irregularly shaped patches that measure form several inches to several feet in width. These patches are bronzish-yellow to straw-colored and can coalesce as they increase in size. The leaves of the plant turn yellow to brown from the tip to the base and the roots turn moderate to dark brown. You will usually see summer patch if the temperature is over 85 degrees during the day and over 70 degrees at night.

Why Is Summer Patch a Problem for Your Lawn?

This lawn disease is commonly found in areas with high soil temperature, soil compaction, poor drainage, and where the lawn is mowed at a low height. As a fungal lawn disease, summer patch attacks crowns and roots, prohibiting lawn growth. Your lawn can result in a darkened color, as well as having rotted roots and crowns.

Lawn Infected with Summer Patch

Susceptible Grass Types

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