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Fall Lawn Fertilization Tips

Fall is prime prep time for your lawn. With the right techniques, your lawn will weather the winter cold and emerge victorious in the spring. Fertilizer Now Makes the Difference Later Fall fertilizer is the biggest factor tipping the odds in your favor for a green lawn in the spring. Many people equate spring with …

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Mole Control

How can I stop moles from destroying my lawn? Have you ever stepped outside only to be greeted with little mounds of dirt peeking out of your lawn? If so, you know a mole is making himself at home. Damage inflicted by moles goes more than surface deep. Besides leaving unsightly dirt piles and tunnels …

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Dried Out Grass

Answers for Summer-Weary Lawns

By the end of summer, many lawns are starting to show the results of the hot weather. The sun, lack of rain and wear and tear of summer activities can start to take their toll. If your lawn is looking a little weary, now is a good time for the right treatment. Drought Recovery Unrelenting …

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Does Your Lawn Have Nutsedge?

What is that weed in my lawn? It’s a game many of us play in the summer. Many homeowners immediately assume crabgrass, but what you have in your lawn might be nutsedge. Nutsedge is a type of sedge –  a grass-like plant that can be very hard to eliminate from your lawn because it can …

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The Grass Master’s Response to COVID-19

With the current news about the coronavirus (COVID-19), Grass Master remains committed to the health and well-being of our customers, employees and the community.  We wanted to share updated information about how our team is working to ensure your services are handled both safely and appropriately.  We’re taking our guidance from the world’s leading health …

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Learn About Special Services Available with Lawn Care Programs

Fleas, droughts, moles… There are so many unexpected problems that we have to deal with to keep our lawns looking green and staying healthy. Here at Grass Master, we have a variety of specialized lawn treatment services that go beyond our lawn care programs. From pruning and mole control to leaf removal and insect shields, …

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