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Late Fall & Early Winter Lawn Care

Mowing Grass starts to slow its growth in November but may still require mowing until the first blanket of snow covers your lawn.  During this late fall period, you should cut your lawn shorter than usual by adjusting your mower height as low as possible without scalping your lawn.  This shorter lawn will let leaves …

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Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Fall in Ohio means high school football games, bonfires, apple cider, changing leaves and cooler temperatures, but the winds of autumn also bring a whole new set of yard maitenance priorities. Follow our Fall Lawn Care Tips below so you can have a beautiful lawn next spring. Don’t stop mowing – it’s easy to forget …

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Your Guide to Leaf Clean-Up

The beautiful fall colors and changing leaves means fall is officially here in Ohio…and that also means raking, bagging, and cleaning up leaves in your yard before the snow flies. Fall clean-up can be a hassle, but don’t let leaves drag you down. Grass Master can help you make the most of your clean-up with …

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Grass Blades infected by Rust Diseases

Late Summer & Autumn Lawn Rust

You know the feeling when you play with your dog in the lawn and you both end up with orange dust on your feet? Then you need to wipe off your shoes and your dog looks like he’s wearing halloween socks. This situation is brought to you by lawn rust. So what exactly is lawn …

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Lawn Watering Tips

It’s obvious that your lawn needs water to survive. But just how much water does it need? The answer may surprise you. How often should I water my yard? Even during hot weather and droughts, you only need to water your grass every two to three days. Your grass is more resilient than you think, …

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Summer Lawn Care Tips

In Northeast Ohio, we to spend every second of winter counting the days until summer. And while summer means long afternoons at the pool, road trips and vacations, it is important not to lose sight of all of the hard work you put in this spring making sure your lawn looks its best. Follow our …

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