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How to Save Frost-Bitten Plants

In most places, March signals the start of spring with temperatures steadily rising and plants beginning to bud. But in Ohio, we know that March means a few days of nice weather followed by snow. While this unpredictable weather is hard on all of us, it’s especially hard on plants. After a few warm days …

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House covered in snow

Winter Lawn Care Tips

When most of us think about winter, lawn care isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But there are a few things you can do in the winter to ensure your yard is in top shape when the snow melts. Place markers around your driveway so you don’t drive into your yard after a …

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Spring Lawn and Landscape Tips

When Spring hits, the rain pours, the flowers start to bloom and the sound of lawn mowers revving up for their first run of the season can be heard throughout each neighborhood. A well-maintained landscape can help to increase your home’s curb appeal and planting flowering bushes and trees attracts helpful pollinators such as bees, …

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Winterizing Fertilizer Tips

Winter is coming. Is your yard prepared? Game of Thrones references aside – a lawn that’s well-prepared for winter always comes back stronger and greener than ever in the spring. What Can I Do to Prep My Lawn for Winter? Winterizer is a high-nitrogen fertilizer designed to help your grass store more food and nutrients …

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snow on the grass

Preventing Winter Damage

When everything’s covered in snow, lawn care isn’t top of mind. We imagine the grass is hibernating, waiting to resume its lush, green appearance in the spring. So, when the snow melts, it’s very disappointing to find lawn damage instead. A variety of things can cause lawn damage during the winter. Prevent and Treat Winter …

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Winterizing Fertilizer Preps Your Lawn for Spring

If you want to see your lawn looking its best in the spring, a winterizing fertilizer could help you obtain that goal. Winterizer contains different components from regular fertilizer, designed to help your lawn not only survive the winter, but thrive once spring comes. Winterizer vs Regular Fertilizer Winterizers differ from regular fertilizers in that …

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Late Fall & Early Winter Lawn Care

Mowing Grass starts to slow its growth in November but may still require mowing until the first blanket of snow covers your lawn.  During this late fall period, you should cut your lawn shorter than usual by adjusting your mower height as low as possible without scalping your lawn.  This shorter lawn will let leaves …

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Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Fall in Ohio means high school football games, bonfires, apple cider, changing leaves and cooler temperatures, but the winds of autumn also bring a whole new set of yard maitenance priorities. Follow our Fall Lawn Care Tips below so you can have a beautiful lawn next spring. Don’t stop mowing – it’s easy to forget …

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