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Chinch Bugs

Adult southern chinch bugs are small and slender, 1/6 to 1/5 of an inch long. They have black bodies with white wings. Each wing bears a distinctive, triangular black mark.

How Can Chinch Bugs Ruin Your Lawn?

While the chinch bugs are feeding, they block the conduction of water and food to the plant, which causes the vessels of grass stems to constrict. By the chinch bugs blocking the water, the leaves wither and food doesn’t get to the roots, resulting in dead turf.

Chinch bug damage generally occurs during the hotter, dryer weather from June into the month of September. It’s first detected when irregular patches of turf begin to turn yellow then straw colored. The straw-colored areas may be completely dead and can continue to spread out even if you consistently keep watering.

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Close-Up of a Chinch Bug
• Grass Infected By Chinch Bugs

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