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This annual winter weed is a small, but rapid-growing plant that does best in shady, wet areas and spots in your lawn that are mowed too short. Bittercress seeding begins in early spring, then germinates between May and September, and continues living throughout the winter.

What Does Bittercress Look Like?

Bittercress has a small, flat rosette of leaves at the base with little white flowers at the top of long stems. Towards the bottom the plant, the scalloped leaves are larger and hairier.  

How to Prevent or Control Bittercress

Bittercress weed with a thin green central stem and thin, brown secondary stems with white flowers beginning to bloom from the central stem

Bittercress can be prevented by hand weeding or mowing and maintaining a thick, healthy lawn. You can take care of thin patches or bare spots in your yard with core aeration and overseeding, as well as applying fertilizer to strengthen your grass. There is also the option of applying post-emergence herbicide.

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