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Buckhorn Plantain

This perennial broadleaf weed, also known as English plantain, prefers the sun but can tolerate both wet and dry soils. You’ll find buckhorn plantain in turfgrass, dry pastures and other similar environments throughout the summer and into early fall.

What Does Buckhorn Plantain Look Like?

Buckhorn plantain has long, slender leaves that are lance-shaped with prominent veins, ending in a tip. This weed also has flower stalks that are topped with bullet-like flower clusters.

How to Prevent or Control Buckhorn Plantain

Buckhorn Plantain weed with long, wide, lance-shaped leaves that have prominent veins ending in a pointed tip and a few stalks with flower clusters that have not bloomed

Like most weeds, selective herbicides can help control and eventually eradicate buckhorn plantain after multiple applications.

For a more environment-friendly approach, it’s best to give your lawn the best lawn care it deserves. From a regular mowing and maintenance schedule to a personalized deluxe lawn care program, Grass Master has the lawn care services you need to tackle any weeds.

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