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This low-spreading weed, commonly known as common chickweed or winter weed, is found in most lawns but is easy to control. You’ll find chickweed sprouting from fall until late spring in the damp or cool areas of your lawn, preferring recently disturbed soil.

What Does Chickweed Look Like?

You’ll be able to identify chickweed by its tiny, green and oval-shaped leaves that end with a tip and white, five-petaled flowers.

How to Prevent or Control Chickweed


If chickweed is already present in your yard, start with pulling out the weeds to expose the soil. Next, the soil should be aerated. Then, you’ll apply a fertilizer and weed killer combination. This process, along with watering daily, will create new grass to kill off any leftover weeds. A last resort should be applying post-emergent herbicide in the spring and pre-emergent herbicide in the fall.

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