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Dandelion Weeds

Dandelions are well-known perennials that can easily spread throughout everyone’s lawns. These weeds start to threaten sunny, moist areas of lawns in the spring.

What Do Dandelion Weeds Look Like?

This common broadleaf weed can be most easily identified by its yellow flower that turns into a ball of seeds. Dandelions also have hollow stems and jagged, tooth-like leaves.

How to Prevent or Control Dandelion Weeds

field of dandelion weeds with green hollow stalks and yellow flowers blooming

Along with making sure no one is picking them up to blow the seeds all over the yard, the spread of dandelions can easily decrease with ongoing lawn care services. If regularly scheduled mowing is part of your lawn maintenance plan, leave the grass clippings on your lawn to help prevent seeds from germinating. You can also add overseeding to your maintenance plan to help fill in bare or thin patches of grass.

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