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This annual grass-like plant, hence why it’s also known as nutgrass, reproduces in a unique way that makes control and removal difficult. Nutsedge thrives in moist soil as a result of over-watering, poor drainage or excess rainfall in the late spring and throughout the summer.

What Does Nutsedge Look Like?

In Ohio, nutsedge has a yellowish-brown seed head and light green leaves that come to a point. An easy distinction from regular grass is the V-shaped, or triangular, cross-section of the stems.

How to Prevent or Control Nutsedge

Nutsedge weed with a yellowish seed head and thin, light green leaves that come to a point and give the grass weed a distinctive V shape

If nutsedge is found in your yard, your grass in getting too much water. The best way to help your lawn is to drain the water and bring in more grass to create its own protection. This can be done through fertilization, core aeration and overseeding. For an effective and less time-consuming solution against nutsedge, check out Grass Master’s Deluxe Lawn Care Program.

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