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White Clover

Also known as Dutch clover, the white clover is a cool-season perennial that can be difficult to remove because it can adapt to different soil types. You’ll find this creeping weed in the weak parts of your lawn because it has less competition against grass.

What Does White Clover Look Like?

White clover is a low-growing weed characterized by its three trifoliate egg-shaped leaf stems and white flowering nodes.

How to Prevent or Control White Clover

white clover weeds with white flower nodes and trifoliate egg-shaped leaf stems

In order to control and remove white clover, there are two options: 1) hand weeding and 2) herbicide application.

  • If you decide to hand pull this weed, it’s important to remove as much of the roots as possible so it doesn’t return.
  • If the weed is taking over larger parts of your yard, apply a non-selective or three-way herbicide in the early fall.

For an effective solution, a well-maintained lawn – including a proper mowing height, irrigation and fertilization – can give your lawn the best defense against white clover.

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