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Lawn Care Tips from Grass Master

Keeping a beautiful yard year round takes a lot of work, and Ohio's ever-changing weather makes it even harder. Luckily - the experts at Grass Master have the tips you need to ensure your lawn is pristine no matter the season, Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter—you'll find everything you need to take care of your lawn right here. 

  1. Spring lawn care tips

    Spring Lawn and Landscape Tips

  2. How Long Does It Take for New Grass to Develop?

  3. What Do I Do About Bare Spots in My Lawn?

  4. Summer lawn care tips

    Summer Lawn Care Tips

  5. Fall yard tips from Grass Master

    Autumn Lawn Care Tips

  6. Winter lawn care tips

    Winter Lawn Care Tips

  7. Learn how to choose a lawn care company

    5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Care Company

  8. learn how to revive your plants after a frost

    How to Save Frost-Bitten Plants

  9. learn how to prepare your lawn for spring during late winter

    Late Winter Lawn Care Tips

  10. Winterizing Fertilizer Tips

  11. learn how to prevent salt damage in your lawn

    How to Avoid Salt Damage

  12. prepare your plants for the cold to have a beautiful landscape in the spring

    Prep Your Plants for Cold Temperatures

  13. control moles and voles in your lawn

    Identifying & Preventing Moles and Voles

  14. Test your soil so you know how to properly fertilize your lawn

    Soil Testing

  15. Fertilize your lawn to prevent your neighbor's weeds from spreading to your lawn

    Prevent Weed Creep

  16. Lawn Watering Tips

  17. Grass Seed Planting Tips

  18. Identify, treat and prevent lawn rust

    Late Summer & Autumn Lawn Rust