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White grubs are perennial pests of the cooler seasons and turf grasses. Found in all areas of Ohio, May and June beetles and Japanese beetles give birth to white grubs.

How Can Grubs Ruin Your Lawn?

White grub larvae eat organic matter, including the roots of plants, causing damage that first appears to be drought stress. The tunneling of the larvae cause the turf to feel spongy under your feet and the turf can often be rolled back like a loose carpet.

Heavily infested turf first appears off color, grayish green, and wilts rapidly in the hotter weather. Continued feeding from the grubs will cause the turf to die in large irregular patches.

Smaller grub populations may not cause turf injury, but predatory mammals that feed on grubs, such as skunks, raccoons, opossums and moles, dig in the turf in search of a meal. This can cause a considerable amount of turf damage.

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White Grubs in Soil
Grub-Infected Turf Grass

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