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Mosquito Control

Are you tired of mosquitoes ruining your outdoor experience? Grass Master has the solution with the In2Care® Mosquito Station. Crafted with durable recycled polypropylene components, this station lures female mosquitoes with attractive odors – no smoke required. Once inside, they encounter a combination of biological agents that eliminate larvae and weaken the mosquito, preventing disease transmission. Take back control of your yard and contact Grass Master for a mosquito-free oasis.


The In2Care Mosquito Station specifically attracts egg-laying mosquitoes to prevent disease transmission.


The mosquito trap reduces up to 80% of mosquitos by effectively contaminating both adults and larvae.

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An alternative to insecticide, the mosquito trap uses an EPA-approved bio-active mixture to control mosquitoes.


Mosquito Control
from the Outdoor

What are you waiting for? Don’t let mosquitoes stop you from spending time outdoors during the summer months. Contact Grass Master for mosquito control that is preventative, effective and sustainable.


One happy customer here!

“Excellent service! I have had them for many years and have been completely satisfied.”

– Gary N.

“This was our first application, and we already see results! The tech was friendly and knowledgeable.”

– Mike E.

All our weeds are gone!