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Say Goodbye to Grubs: How Grass Master's Grub Control Service Can Save Your Lawn

Does your lawn have grubs? Grubs sound awful, and they don’t do anything nice to your grass! What are grubs? How do you know if you have grubs in your lawn? Most importantly, how do you get rid of grubs? Grass Master has the answers you need and the expertise in grub control. Grubs don’t stand a chance against our effective grub control treatment.

What are grubs?

Grubs are the larvae form of a Japanese Beetle or May and June Beetles. They hatch and then feed on the root system of your grass. If you dig up some soil, you may see the grubs, which are white, C-shaped, worm-like larvae. They spend their time underground, but don’t underestimate them! They will make their presence known by ruining your once-beautiful lawn.  

Grubs are perennial pests of cooler seasons and turf grasses, found throughout Ohio. Grass Master is a local company with expertise in these types of grasses and the insects that plague them. That’s why we offer grub control as an add-on service with our Deluxe Lawn Care Program.


How do you know if you have lawn grubs?

You may be wondering: what are the signs of grubs in your lawn? There are a variety of ways you may be alerted to grubs – everything from lawn damage to excessive animal traffic and feeding to spotting the grubs themselves.  

Grubs work underground so you may not see the actual grubs at all. But you will see the damage! Grubs do their dirty work quickly. They take no time at all destroying a healthy lawn. If you see your lawn turning brown and dry, you may have grubs. Spongy turf caused by the tunneling of grubs is another warning.  

Sometimes when you have grubs in your lawn, you will see predators who constantly feed on the larvae. Some mammals such as skunks, raccoons, opossums and moles will dig into your lawn to eat the grubs. This can cause added turf damage.  

When you think you have grubs in your lawn, you will need to act quickly. 

How do you get rid of grubs in your lawn?

An effective grub control product will act as a one-time prevention or as a curative treatment. At Grass Master, grub control is offered as an add-on option with the second application in our Deluxe Lawn Care Program. This program is our best, and it gives you six visits, starting when the weeds germinate in the spring and ending when the grass is dormant in the fall.  

With the Deluxe Lawn Care Program, you’ll have great-looking grass all season long. By adding grub control, you’re preventing grubs or treating them (if you already have them). Prevention of grubs is always the best method, and with the Deluxe Program, you can be sure grubs won’t take over your lawn and ruin your curb appeal.

Contact us to find out more about the Deluxe Lawn Care Program from Grass Master and add the grub control application to prevent or treat lawn grubs. Or complete the short form below, and we will be in touch shortly.  

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