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Deluxe Lawn Care Program

You know you’re getting the best, when you choose Grass Master’s deluxe lawn care package. With six visits starting when the weeds germinate in the spring and ending when grass goes dormant in the fall, you can be sure your lawn will look great all season long. This deluxe service includes personalized lawn recommendations, free service calls and the following six lawn treatment applications.

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Round One

March through May

Starting in the early spring, we ensure your lawn grows in healthy and is weed free. This round of lawn care treatments includes:

Additional Recommended Services

Grub Control   |   Mulching

Round Two

May and June

As the weather heats up, we turn our focus to ensuring you have a beautiful lawn all summer long. This round of lawn care treatments includes:

Additional Recommended Services

Grub control   |   Moss control

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Round Three

July through August

The insects are bad this time of year, but not in your yard. Our team makes sure your grass is green and insect-free. This round of lawn care treatments includes:

Additional Recommended Services

Flea and tick program | Foundation insect shield

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Round Four

August through September

The dog days of summer have arrived, but your lawn won’t succumb to the heat. This round of lawn care treatments includes:

Additional Recommended Services

Mole Control  |   Flea and tick program

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Round Five

September through October

The warm weather is winding down, but your lawn still needs to look good through the fall. This round of lawn care treatments includes:

Additional Recommended Services

Aeration | Overseeding

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Round Six


Winter is just around the corner, but we’re already thinking ahead to next spring. This round of lawn care treatments includes:

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As you can see our deluxe lawn care program is truly the most comprehensive fertilization package in Northeast Ohio. Our trained service technicians take the time to ensure your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood from March to November, providing deluxe customer service to match our deluxe package.

Have questions about our company or our lawn maintenance services? Fill out a form so we can talk about it. Ready for a lawn service quote? Head to our customer portal to request an estimate. Simply give us your address and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Every good lawn care program begins with the prevention of crabgrass. We have extensively researched all available pre-emergents and feel that we use the best product on the market. We are confident that this will ensure complete crabgrass control all season. Any unlikely outbreaks will be spot sprayed with a post-emergent.

We know that when it comes to lawn care that Greener grass is better. Our fertilizers provide a consistent improvement of color throughout the growing season. We deliver the proper rates of nutrients to meet your lawn’s specific and individual requirements. Your lawn will be on its way to a Greener, Thicker and Healthier life!

Trust us, we dislike weeds in your lawn as much as you do. Our technicians take pride in our weed control program. Since there are different weeds depending on the time of season, we have developed a program that will rid your lawn of both perennial and annual weeds. Our timely visits allow us to consistently stay on top of potential weed problems keeping your lawn looking healthy and weed free!

Insects can cause real problems even in healthy lawns. There are a number of insects that feed on the blades of grass including chinch bugs and other surface insects. We provide an application in early summer that will aid in the prevention of these pesky insects from doing any damage. 

*This does not include the Grub Control application which can be seen in our Special Services page.

Winterizer is a high-nitrogen fertilizer that helps your lawn store food and nutrients all winter long. Then, your lawn will have exactly what it needs to go from dormant to lush when spring comes back around. Winterizing fertilizer is not meant to help your grass grow which is why we apply it in November.

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