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Knotweed, commonly known as Japanese knotweed, is one of Ohio’s top invasive non-native plants. You’ll typically find this weed emerging in the early spring along open areas, such as riverbanks, roadsides and woodlands.

What Does Knotweed Look Like?

Knotweed can be most easily identified by its shrub-like shape, stout reddish-brown stems and oval-shaped leaves that end in a tip.

How to Prevent or Control Knotweed

Due to the strength of the underground roots, there are three ways to handle knotweed: repetitive cutting, repetitive mowing and/or applying herbicides. You can attempt to dig up each plant, but it can be time and energy intensive.

Knotweed with many wiry stems and green, oval-shaped leaves

For the best result, combine weekly cutting or mowing with the application of herbicides to wear down and, eventually, eradicate knotweed.

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