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Mowing and Maintenance

We offer a complete array of regular mowing and lawn maintenance services including mowing, trimming, power edging, leaf pickup, mulching, pruning and spring/fall clean up.

You can rest assured that if you choose Grass Master to provide any of these maintenance services that the work will be done professionally using the latest equipment to ensure a beautifully groomed look


Regular moving service includes mowing, minor trimming around trees, beds, fences, driveways & walks, and clean-up of walks & driveways.


All landscape plants should be pruned at the proper time each year to reach their maximum potential for shape and size. 

This service is available to all customers as an extra cost option and is performed at the appropriate time.


Tree and Shrub beds should be kept covered with 2″-4″ of some type of mulch. This will help keep soil from drying too quickly and also prevents unsightly weeds from growing in your shrub beds.

A very attractive shredded bark and wood mulch is used. This is available to all customers as an extra cost option and is performed throughout the year.

*Special Note: These services are offered only in specific areas.
Learn more about the areas in Ohio we provide lawn care services for.

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