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This low-lying annual weed, also known as pusley or little hogweed, can resurrect multiple times if not taken care of when young. From spring and throughout the summer, you’ll find purslane in disturbed areas.

What Does Purslane Look Like?

Purslane is a creeping succulent that grows close to the ground with red stems and paddled-shaped leaves. This weed also blooms yellow, five-petaled flowers.

How to Prevent or Control Purslane


Due to the strong roots system and light germination, purslane can be controlled by hand weeding, killed with a post-emergent herbicide and prevented by maintaining a healthy lawn.

Some other things to keep in mind when it comes to controlling and preventing purslane:

  • It’s best to hand weed and apply herbicide when the plant is young to prevent seeds from spreading.
  • Build and maintain a healthy lawn with our Deluxe Lawn Care Program and specialty services.
  • You can also apply pre-emergent herbicide as your lawn grows stronger.
  • And don’t forget to clean any equipment that was used in the purslane-infested areas.

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