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Wild Violet Weeds

Wild violet weeds, also known as common blue violet, meadow violet or hooded blue violet, are perennial, self-feeding weeds than can quickly take over your lawn. These low-growing, stubborn weeds begin to bloom in the moist, shady areas of your yard in mid-May.

What Do Wild Violet Weeds Look Like?

Similar to the look of violas, pansies and other similar flowers, wild violet weeds are typically violet but can range from a deep blue to pure white. The flowers grow on individual, leafless stalks while the plant itself has heart-shaped, serrated and waxy leaves that end with a point.

How to Prevent or Control Wild Violet Weeds

group of Wild Violet Weeds with small heart-shaped purple leaves

If you regularly inspect your lawn, wild violet weeds can simply be removed by hand. Removing the entire root system in this fashion will help reduce the spread throughout your lawn.

For complete removal of larger sections, you can apply non-selective herbicide in the fall so the weed will absorb it throughout the winter. In the spring, you can then apply post-emergent herbicide. To ensure further suppression of wild violet weeds, regular lawn maintenance can create a healthy, thick lawn and decrease the chances of the weed roots spreading.

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