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Organic Lawn Care Program

Grass Master is happy to offer our Organic lawn fertilizer program. Our Organic Lawn Care Program is an all season fertilizer that is slowly released into the root system of your grass improving your soil structure and building up heat and drought tolerance. Grass Master’s Organic Program is 100% organic and the ingredients are derived from all natural sources such as feather, bone, meat, fish, poultry and blood meal. When applied to your lawn the application reduces the salt index and decreases the chance of your lawn becoming burnt during the hotter summer months. 

Even though our Organic Program does not include weed control, it naturally decreases the amount of weeds as your turf thickens over time. We do offer spot treatment of weeds along with our Organic Program upon request. Grass Master’s Organic Program is offered in a six application program that will suit all your lawn care needs. If you have any questions about this program, or would like to schedule our Organic Lawn Service Program for your lawn call 1-888-GREENER or get a free lawn care evaluation. 

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