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There are so many variables when it comes to keeping up your lawn. Sometimes, you do everything you can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, but a grub or mole infestation comes along and ruins it. Don’t fret! The lawn experts at Grass Master can help bring your yard back to life with specialized lawn treatment services that get to the root of problem.

Whether you need mulching in the spring, leaf removal in the fall or anything in between—Grass Master can take care of all your lawn care needs so that your grass can be healthy and green.

Check out our specialty lawn care services:

insects on a plant

Home Foundation Insect Shield

Protect your home from spiders, mites, ants and fleas by having the area around the house treated on a regular basis. With Foundation Insect Shield, …

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All landscape plants should be pruned at the proper time each year to reach their maximum potential for shape and size. Often bushes and shrubs …

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Tree and shrub beds should be kept covered with between two and four inches of mulch. This will help to keep soil from drying out …

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Mole Control

Lawn moles dig tunnel systems that can damage your well-kept lawn. Grass Master is proud to be one of the few Ohio lawn care companies that …

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Moss Control

Our moss control is a meticulously formulated product that controls moss, algae and liverwort in your grass. This granular or liquid fungicide/algaecide works great and can …

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Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae form of a Japanese Beetle. When hatched these pesky larvae feed on the root system of your turf and can cause …

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Flea and Tick Program

Our pets are part of the family, and there’s nothing better than spending time with your pet outdoors. But hot and humid weather also brings …

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Core Aeration

Compacted soil and thatch control are two big obstacles to a healthy lawn. Core Aeration will help to alleviate these problems by allowing beneficial air, …

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Lawn Overseeding Services

It is not uncommon for lawns to look less than perfect when dealing with Ohio’s hot Summer months. Long drought periods and poor soil conditions …

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Leaf Clean-Up and Removal

Mature trees add beauty and charm to any Northeast Ohio home, but when Autumn arrives, so do the falling leaves. Grass Master offers leaf clean-up …

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