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Mature trees add beauty and charm to any Northeast Ohio home, but when autumn arrives, so do the falling leaves. Leaving leaves on your lawn can contribute to fungus and mold growth, damage your turf and leave unsightly dead patches when spring arrives. Plus, a yard strewn with autumn leaves and debris looks untidy and unkempt, making it tough to take pride in your property’s appearance.

The best way to remove leaves from a lawn is to hire a professional service that will perform a thorough leaf cleanup, removing all fallen leaves and leaving your property looking clean and neat.

Grass Master offers leaf clean-up and leaf removal service near you to help keep your landscaping clean and leaf-free each fall. Learn more about our service options, Northeast Ohio service areas and contact us to schedule your leaf pickup.

Stark County leaf cleanup options

Grass Master offers two great choices for fall clean-up near you—curbside pick-up or full-service leaf removal.

Curbside Leaf Pick Up

Curbside leaf pickup service is great for the weekend warrior. Simply rake or blow your leaves to the curb, and our clean-up crew will arrive with a vacuum truck and remove the leaf piles. We’ll whisk away the leaves in no time so you can enjoy a leaf-free lawn.

Full-Service Leaf Removal

Grass Master’s full-service leaf removal is the easiest way to get rid of leaves. Our experienced three-man crews clean up leaves and other debris from your lawn, window wells, porches, decks and flower beds. The leaves and debris are then removed completely from the property, leaving your lawn looking clean and manicured for the rest of the season!

Our full-service leaf cleanup service means you can have a tidy yard without touching a rake.

Leaf Cleanup Near Me

To sign up for our leaf cleanup service, call us at 1-888-GREENER or fill out the contact form below. We provide leaf cleanup and pickup for areas only in Stark County.

Two large piles of autumn leaves on a green lawn

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