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Grass Seed Planting Tips

Northeast Ohio homeowners are very particular about their lawns. If we notice so much as one dead or thin spot, we do everything we can to quickly fix it. But before you start tearing up your lawn and planting seed, you need to make sure your plan is the most effective solution. Let’s start with […]

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Soil Testing

What is soil testing? Does everyone need to test their lawn’s soil? Do you need a chemistry degree to understand the results? These are common questions our customers ask us about soil testing. So let’s break it down. Should I test my lawn’s soil? While most northeast Ohio lawns have similar soil, it’s good to

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Winterizing Fertilizer Tips

Winter is coming. Is your yard prepared? Game of Thrones references aside – a lawn that’s well-prepared for winter always comes back stronger and greener than ever in the spring. What Can I Do to Prep My Lawn for Winter? Winterizer is a high-nitrogen fertilizer designed to help your grass store more food and nutrients

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