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Winterizing Fertilizer Tips

Winter is coming. Is your yard prepared? Game of Thrones references aside - a lawn that's well-prepared for winter always comes back stronger and greener than ever in the spring.

What Can I Do to Prep My Lawn for Winter?

Winterizer is a high-nitrogen fertilizer designed to help your grass store more food and nutrients it needs to survive the winter. Then, when the weather turns in the spring, your lawn will already have exactly it needs to quickly go from frozen to lush in a matter of days. Winterizer is not meant to help your grass grow (at least not right away), so we suggest applying it in November or early December when your grass is done growing for the year.

Is Winterizing Necessary?

We think so, but we’re also obsessed with beautful lawns! Your lawn will still be there when the snow melts if you don’t apply winterizer. But why not give it a try and be the talk of your street next spring?

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