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If your grass isn’t looking the way you’d like, and you’ve taken all the necessary steps to fertilize, water and control weeds, soil testing might be the next step to take. Or, if you have a new home and are ready to add grass and plants, soil testing can be very beneficial.  

Soil testing, when done by qualified lawn care specialists like Grass Master, can help you achieve the healthiest grass ever.

Soil testing

Why should you get soil testing? 

Soil testing can help determine exactly what will benefit your specific lawn, such as fertilizer composition, as well as diagnose any underlying issues that may not be evident on the surface.  

Soil testing is often done for new construction, allowing lawn care companies to give the new grass exactly what it needs to take hold and flourish.

What is soil testing?

Soil testing is a chemical analysis of your soil. It looks deep down to find what nutrients may be missing. It will look at pH levels as well. Soil may be found to be overly acidic or have other issues that can inhibit growth.  

Armed with this information, a lawn care specialist can make the very best recommendations for the right fertilizer to correct issues and ensure the healthiest grass growth.  

To properly test your lawn’s soil, the soil testing service will need to take samples from various locations in your lawn. A special piece of equipment is used to drill down and remove soil for testing.

Is soil testing worth it?

Soil testing is an inexpensive way to measure exactly what your soil needs to produce healthy grass.  

If you have just built a new home and want your new lawn and plants to thrive, a soil test can be the first step toward success. If you’re currently struggling with your lawn and want specific fertilization recommendations, with a soil test, you can find the perfect balance of nutrients for your grass.

Soil testing from Grass Master

If you’re looking for soil testing near me, contact Grass Master. Our team of lawn technicians can provide soil testing, explain the results and recommend the right fertilizer to give you the lawn of your dreams.

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Soil Testing

What is soil testing? Does everyone need to test their lawn's soil? Do you need a chemistry degree to understand the results? These are common questions our customers ask us about soil testing. So let's break it down.

Should I test my lawn's soil?

While most northeast Ohio lawns have similar soil, it’s good to check your soil’s chemistry to ensure you use the proper fertilizer for your yard. 

What does soil testing test for?

Basicially – we like to test soil for nutrients and pH level. These help us to better understand your soils contents so we can choose the best plan to give you the beautiful lawn you always dreamed of.

What does soil testing test for?

If you’re unfamiliar with the appropriate nitrogen and pH levels soil should have, then yes. But luckily for you – the experts at Grass Master know how to read soil test results and can devise a lawn fertilization plan specific to your yard and soil.

The do-it-yourselfers of the world are well-equipped to understand how to conduct a soil test and implement a plan of action for their yard. For the rest of us, there’s Grass Master. Contact us today for a lawn care plan designed specifically for your yard.