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Also known as birdseye, gypsyweed or veronica, speedwell is a creeping annual weed that can cover your entire lawn if not properly treated or removed. Starting in early spring, and sometimes late winter, this Ohio weed is highly invasive and one of the few weeds that is considered stronger than turfgrass.

What Does Speedwell Look Like?​

Speedwell is typically seen with oval-shaped, scalloped-edged leaves that grows in pairs and small flowers (often blue-white) spreading along long stems. On this weed, the flowers are four-petaled and have heart-shaped pods that grow beneath them.

How to Prevent or Control Speedwell​

blooming Speedwell weed with round purple flowers and scalloped green leaves

Prevention of speedwell begins with aeration and overseeding. Since this weed thrives on weak, dry turf, it’s important to attack it head on before the hotter months settle in.

Do you already spot this weed in your yard? There are three ways to control the spread of speedwell: applying fertilizer, removing the flower heads and applying herbicide.

  • If fertilization is your choice, make sure it’s applied in late fall, so it doesn’t affect any early spring fertilizing. This will help strengthen your turf before the speedwell has the chance to move in.
  • If you notice the weed early enough, you can take off the flower heads before they bloom.
  • Lastly, you can apply pre- and post-emergent herbicide to prevent spring seed germination.

The best way to fight against the spread of speedwell is proper lawn care maintenance. With a regular schedule of watering, fertilizing and mowing, your lawn will grow a natural protection and choke out lawn weeds.

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