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Specialty Services

Get specialty lawn care services from Grass Master, delivered by our skilled lawn technicians. We’ll assess your lawn and make our recommendations for improving the health of your grass, addressing lawn disease or lawn pests and achieving better-looking grass 

Your lawn has specific needs.

We have the services to address them.

Lime Application

Lime can help condition the soil in your lawn by altering the pH level, allowing the grass to receive more nutrients. Grass Master technicians can determine if your lawn’s pH levels are inhibiting nutrient absorption. We offer lime application in the spring and the fall and recommend combining it with lawn aeration. 

Core Aeration

Does your lawn have bare patches or thinning areas? Our core aerating and overseeding services work together to improve the health of your grass. Our Rejuvenation Care Program includes both services to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system. We also offer core aeration as a standalone service.

Surface insect control

Get rid of pesky insects with our surface insect control. For enhanced protection, this service and be added onto your deluxe and deluxe plus program to protect against turf damaging surface insects, such as chinch bugs, bill bugs, cut worms.

Fungicide Application

Lawn fungus can ruin an otherwise healthy lawn. Fungus can look like powder, brown patches or red blades of grass. Grass Master offers fungicide as a curative application for lawns that already have fungus growth. Our service numbs the fungus spoors, prevents them from spreading and eliminates the fungus.


Don’t let these pests destroy your grass roots. With our preventative or curative treatment, grubs are gone, or we will reapply the treatment at no charge. If you see small, C-shaped, white grubs, you need to act. Have Grass Master treat your lawn to prevent grubs and keep your grass healthy.

Overseeding service

Do you struggle with undesirable grass that doesn’t add great curb appeal? Aeration and overseeding services introduce better grass variety. If your grass is looking a little lackluster, Grass Master’s overseeding service might be exactly what you need for a lawn that looks full and lush.


Grass Master offers expert soil testing. With soil testing service at the beginning of lawn care season, Grass Master can tailor a lawn care program to meet the specific needs of your grass. If you’ve been applying grass seed and areas of your lawn don’t flourish, there may be underlying soil problems. Find out with soil testing.

Lawn Care Tips

Looking for some lawn care advice to keep your yard in top shape? The experts at Grass Master have you covered. Check out our green tips for seasonal lawn care advice, so your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood all year long. Or brush up on your weed, insect and lawn disease knowledge with our handy identification guides.


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– Mike E.

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