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Special Lawn Care Services We Offer

There are so many variables when it comes to keeping up your lawn. Sometimes, you do everything you can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, but a grub or mole infestation comes along and ruins it. Don’t fret! The lawn experts at Grass Master can help bring your yard back to life.

Whether you need mulching in the spring, leaf removal in the fall or anything in between—Grass Master can take care of all your lawn care needs so that your grass can be healthy and green.

Check out our specialty lawn care services:

  1. Pruning landscape plants


  2. Let Grass Master add the finishing touch by providing mulch to your landscaping. Contact us today to learn more.


  3. Contact Grass Master to learn more about how we can help keep moles away from your lawn.

    Mole Control

  4. Grass Master can help you control moss, algae and liverwort.

    Moss Control

  5. Grass Master Grub Control program eliminates harmful larvae that destroys your lawn.

    Grub Control

  6. Grass Master can treat your lawn to help prevent fleas and tics from attaching to your pets.

    Flea and Tick Program

  7. Mowing and thatch can cause your soil to compact. Core Aeration helps to keep your grass greener.

    Core Aeration

  8. Let Grass Master help prevent unwanted pests with our foundation insect shield program.

    Foundation Insect Shield

  9. Let Grass Master treat bare spots with our lawn overseeding program.

    Lawn Overseeding Services

  10. Let Grass Master handle your fall leaf clean up and removal

    Leaf Clean-Up and Removal