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Flea and Tick Program

Our pets are part of the family, and there’s nothing better than spending time with your pet outdoors. But hot and humid weather also brings unwanted stowaways in the form of fleas and ticks. If you want to address fleas and ticks in the yard, Grass Master has the answer with our flea and tick lawn treatment program.

Lawn Flea and Tick Program

Did you know fleas and ticks can lay up to 3,000 eggs at one time? We can help by keeping fleas and ticks away from your family pets and from coming into your home. Grass Master’s professional flea and tick lawn treatment program includes five timely visits (up to six if needed) applied every 6-8 weeks.

Grass Master Flea & Tick Program Promotion

Good Lawn Care Habits as a Preventative Measure

In addition to a flea and tick yard treatment, there are other ways good lawn care can reduce the chance of an infestation.

Maintaining a shorter grass length helps reduce the chance of fleas and ticks, and so does removing debris or grass clippings. Tall grass and grass piles attract fleas.

If you’re interested in lawn flea treatment and lawn tick treatment, the Grass Master flea and tick program covers your bases. Contact one of our representatives with any questions, or call 1-888-GREENER to schedule this service.

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