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Mulching Services

Lawn mulching services are available to customers in most of our Northeast Ohio service area as an extra cost option and is performed throughout the year to keep your beds healthy. Grass Master offers mulch in varying shades which can help to add the finishing touch your landscape needs. Whether you choose shredded bark or wood mulch, one thing is certain, you’ll be glad that you did! Contact us to sign-up for a mulching service today. If you’re looking for complete residential lawn care, view our lawn care services.

Why Is Mulching Necessary?

Mulching prevents unsightly weeds from growing in your shrub beds and ruining the design that takes so much work to achieve. Not only does mulch increase the curb appeal of your lawn, but it also has many other practical functions. It helps soil retain moisture and prevents the soil from drying out too quickly. Mulch also acts as a natural insulator, protecting the soil and roots of your plants from hot and cold temperatures.

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