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Rust Diseases

How to Identify Rust Diseases

Rust diseases cause light yellow flecks initially on the leaf blades and sheaths. The flecks enlarge, elongate and turn yellow in color. The infected areas rise above the epidermis and then rupture, releasing spores that are a yellowish-orange to reddish-brown in color. These lawn diseases typically occur in the early spring through fall, depending on the location of the turf, and favor moist, low light areas.

Why Are Rust Diseases a Problem for Your Lawn?

The leaf blade turns yellow starting at the tip and progressing to the base and the turf may appear thin as the individual shoots die. Rust diseases in lawns can weaken the grass and make it susceptible to other turf problems and diseases.

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Grass Blades infected by Rust Diseases

Susceptible Grass Types

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