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Black Medic

This common lawn weed, also known as yellow trefoil, is an annual plant that’s often mistaken as clover. Typically, you’ll see black medic sprouting in the spring and blooming about six weeks later. This weed can be found in high foot traffic areas that are dry, have compacted soil and receive a lot of sunlight.

What Does Black Medic Look Like?

Black medic is most identified by its clover-like leaves in groups of threes and yellow pom-pom flowers. This weed is sometimes mistaken for yellow wood sorrel.

How to Prevent or Control Black Medic

Black Medic weed with its clover-like leaves in groups of three with yellow pom-pom flowers about to bloom

You can easily control black medic by keeping a routine mowing schedule. But if your lawn has this noxious weed, this is an indicator of compacted soil. Aside from hand weeding to remove the black medic, you can reduce your compacted soil by helping it breath with aeration then work in overseeding to fill up bare or thin patches of grass.

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