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This annual weed, also known as yellow wood sorrel, has a short lifespan and will fill in bare areas in your yard in the summertime. These clover-like weeds also prefer shady and moist conditions.

What Does Oxalis Look Like?

Oxalis can be identified by its three heart-shaped leaflets (which is how it got the nickname, “false shamrock”) and five-petaled, yellow flowers on the ends of its long stalks.

How to Prevent or Control Oxalis

cluster of oxalis weed with long, thin stalks and three heart-shaped leaflets coming from each stalk with some stalks ending in blooming, bright yellow flowers

This clover plant will quickly fill in areas of your lawn that are thinning and bare, so the best way to prevent oxalis from taking over is maintaining lush, green grass with a lawn care program. Along with lawn maintenance, you can also add special lawn care services, such as mulching, core aeration and overseeding, to help your soil and protect your lawn.

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