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Identifying & Preventing Moles and Voles

Moles vs. voles. What’s the difference? Believe it or not, voles are totally different than moles and come with their own set of problems (no – “vole” is not a weird way your grandma pronounces “mole”).

Damage Caused by Moles

Moles live most of their lives underground. They are insectivores and feed on earthworms, grubs and insects. They are easily identified by the dirt mounds they create in Northeast Ohio lawns. These mounds are caused by the numerous tunnels they dig under your yard in search of food. If you notice dirt mounds and collapsing tunnels in your lawn, you probably have moles.

Vole Damage in Your Yard

Voles feed on grass and roots and spend their lives above ground. They typically create runways in your lawn—a trail of dead grass caused by consumption and trampling. Voles typically burrow under dense vegetation and snow, so the best thing you can do is keep your lawn mowed and avoid ground covers like junipers. 

Repairing Damage Caused by Moles and Voles

Repairing mole damage starts with removing their dirt mounds and filling in collapsed tunnels. We recommend smoothing out affected areas with new dirt and laying new grass seed. Vole damage requires less dirt manipulation as their destruction tends to stay above the surface. You can simply lay grass seed over vole-affected areas, and your lawn will be like new in no time. 

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Removing Moles and Voles

At a high level, removing moles and voles comes down to how humane you want to be. We offer all-natural mole repellent to drive them away and poisonous bait worms if something a little stronger is needed. 

The experts at Grass Master are happy to help you determine the best way to not only prevent moles in your yard, but also remove moles and voles from it. Contact us today if you have questions!