Grass Master

Tree and Shrub Care

Our most popular tree & shrub program includes six timely visits to treat your trees and shrubs. The first treatment application is applied in March or April, and applications continue every 6-8 weeks afterwards. This allows our licensed specialist to monitor your trees and shrubs all season. 

Contact us today for ongoing tree and shrub care or check out some of our other services, such as insect control, below.

Insect Control

Insecticides Trees and shrubs receive a combination of preventive and curative treatments applied as needed to take care of a wide variety of  live insects ...
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Disease Control

Just because your tree has a disease doesn’t mean you have to cut it down. Grass Master offers disease control for plants that are prone ...
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Birch Program

This important three step program includes a Birch Bore Injection into the soil to prevent Birch Borer’s from destroying your beautiful trees. The second liquid ...
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Deep Root Feeding

Your trees and shrubs receive a deep root feeding injections late in the year to promote root growth when you choose our deep root fertilization ...
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