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Fungus Grass Treatment for Your Lawn

A healthy lawn is a happy lawn, but not when it’s plagued by fungus. Grass Master’s fungus grass treatment application can be applied three times throughout the season when the fungus is most active. This lawn disease treatment covers all types of lawn fungi by numbing the fungus spoors, preventing them from spreading and eliminating them to restore your lawn’s health. 

Lawn Disease Control

Let us help you identify which types of lawn fungi are preventing you from enjoying a lush, healthy lawn.  

Tip: To help prevent fungus, bag your grass clippings and use disinfectant on your mower blades. 

Lawn Fungus Identification


The grass is a white or greyish powdery mildew that coats the leaves and stems of grass. 


Dark outer rings and brown spots in the grass caused by fungus.

Red Blades of Grass

Patches of reddish-pink grass that extend from the tips of the grass blades. 

Trust Our Team for Your Lawn Disease Treatment

Grass Master is the local lawn care expert – and that includes protecting your lawn from fungal diseases. We have licensed specialists in Northeast Ohio who are ready to tackle your lawn fugus, so you can have a healthy and lush lawn.  

Get rid of Fungus with Grass Treatment Services

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