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Ground Ivy

Ground ivy, commonly known as creeping Charlie, is an aggressive and invasive broadleaf weed that is naturalized in Ohio. This low-growing weed spreads quickly, thriving in shady areas and rich, damp soil from March through June.

What Does Ground Ivy Look Like?

This perennial creeping weed can be easily identified by its pleasant smell, heavily veined appearance and round, scalloped edged leaves. This weeds’ stalks also hold tiny, funnel-shaped and purplish-blue flowers at the tip.

How to Prevent or Control Ground Ivy

ground ivy growing close to the ground with round, scalloped edged leaves with a tinge of red and some funnel-shaped, lavender-colored flowers

With how extreme the growth of ground ivy’s roots and stems are, hand weeding and mowing will not work to remove this weed. To remove ground ivy, applying herbicide will be the best answer.

And since it’s found in areas with weaker grass, you can apply the following special lawn care services (after the herbicides have settled in) to help prevent ground ivy from returning:

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