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A Day in the Life of a Lawn Care Technician | Grass Master 

A Day in the Life of a Grass Master Lawn Technician

Great grass doesn’t just happen. Ask a Grass Master lawn technician, like Steve. He’s up early every day, ready to work magic on customer lawns. (Ok, it’s not really magic, but it might seem like it to homeowners who watch their previously lackluster lawns grow healthy and green.) 

Grass Master technicians understand the right combination of lawn care products for cool season grasses, the type that grows best in Northeast Ohio. They also enjoy their job! Here’s an inside look at a day in the life of a Grass Master lawn technician. 

Off to a Great Start

Steve starts his day at work by changing into his Grass Master uniform, donning his work boots and picking up his route for the day. He double-checks the route, making sure his truck is stocked with the products he needs. If he has questions or wants to discuss the jobs, he stops in and talks to his manager who always has his door open for discussions.

Managing the Day

Even though Grass Master technicians have a planned list of daily jobs, they can choose the order to complete them. Steve doesn’t feel micromanaged in his job, and he likes that. He plans out what works best for him to accomplish his tasks. 

If Steve needs support from a manager, he gets it. There are several on-site Grass Master managers to aid the lawn care technicians with questions or issues. And, with on-site mechanics, it’s quick and easy to fix an issue with his truck and get back to his route. 

“This is a very independent job. Grass Master places trust and confidence in us to do our job and perform lawn applications properly,” says Steve. 


A Typical Lawn Treatment

Upon arriving at a customer’s lawn, Steve clocks on, using his tablet, indicating hes beginning that job. Each property Steve visits has treatment notes, so he reviews them and fills out any related customer paperwork. 

Then, Steve starts the job. Using either a pump or a spreader, he applies those amazing Grass Master treatments that feed grass exactly what it needs to thrive. When he’s done, he loads up the materials, logs notes regarding the job on his tablet, hops in his truck and heads to the next customer.  

During some seasons, there are additional treatments that might accompany Steve’s work. For instance, in the fall, another lawn tech might assist in core aeration and overseeding. For this task, the techs make small holes in the lawn that allow air, water and nutrients to more easily penetrate the soil. This is paired with overseeding, where an additional layer of seed is applied to an existing lawn. The combination of the two treatments, along with the healthy feeding of the grass with expertly selected fertilizer, give lawns a fuller, healthier look and feel.

All in a Day's Work

As Steve finishes his day, he returns to the office, parks the truck and turns in his paperwork. Then he changes his work clothes, depositing them in the provided hamper for cleaning. His uniforms are cleaned for him, so every morning he has a fresh set of work clothes. An on-site truck wash is good for washing his Grass Master vehicle every week, so it looks shiny and clean on the road.

A Great Job with Benefits

There are many things Steve enjoys about his job as a lawn technician at Grass Master. He works independently and sometimes has the opportunity to talk with the customers. He likes to hear when a customer raves about their lawn. Another satisfied customer!  

An active guy, Steve likes being on the move and working outdoors. 

“Because I get to be on 20 different lawns a day, I really enjoy the change of scenery,” he says. 

At Grass Master, Steve says he has good pay, a flexible schedule and the chance to advance in his career. His manager and others support him. He feels that if you work hard and have ambitions, there are career growth opportunities within the company.  

Locally Owned Company Support

Working for a locally owned company is a plus, according to Steve. If he needs help, he contacts the office and talks to someone immediately. His company-provided tablet is another point of contact, making it even easier to get in touch with someone back at the main office when needed.

Careers in Lawn Care

If you’re looking for a great career where you can feel supported by a locally owned and managed company that truly cares about its employees and customers, check out Grass Master career opportunities.