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The Benefits of Spring Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Spring is a beautiful time in Northeast Ohio. Warm, sunny days coupled with needed rain can make your grass flourish. While you’re pulling out your lawn mower and dusting off the weed trimmer, there is another thing you should consider: spring lawn fertilization and weed control.   Let’s start with fertilization. Why should you include fertilization […]

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Why Organic Lawn Care

Organic is the current craze right now; organic beef, chicken, fruit, vegetables and even organic skin care products, organic is everywhere! The organic craze is not only prevalent in the food and beauty business, it has even taken hold in the lawn care world. How can my lawn care be organic? That is a good

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Your Guide to Leaf Clean-Up

The beautiful fall colors and changing leaves means fall is officially here in Ohio…and that also means raking, bagging, and cleaning up leaves in your yard before the snow flies. Fall clean-up can be a hassle, but don’t let leaves drag you down. Grass Master can help you make the most of your clean-up with

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