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Grass Master Seasonal Lawn Care Programs

New Grass Master Seasonal Lawn Care Programs

We’re introducing our new seasonal lawn care programs to give our customers more options for the needs of their yard, while delivering the same great service. We’ve seen hundreds of lawns over the years and we’ve learned the best treatment and fertilization schedules to ensure our customer’s lawns remain healthy and beautiful year-round, it might even make your neighbors “green” with envy. 

Each of our new programs includes six rounds of service, starting in March and ending in November. Whether your lawn needs more than regular fertilization like lawn aeration, weed/grub control, or even a full-on revival we have a plan ready. Let’s break them down. 


You know you’re already getting the best when you choose Grass Master which is why we start with our Deluxe program. This package includes the necessities to get your lawn greener and healthier than it’s ever been before! With this program you’ll enjoy: 

  • FREE service calls 
  • Personalized lawn recommendations 
  • Six scheduled fertilization visits, spring through fall 

Deluxe Plus

Our most popular lawn care program is our Deluxe Plus option. You’ll have access to all the benefits of the Deluxe program but with the added perk of seasonlong grub prevention! Not only does grub control protect the root system of your turf, but it can also help prevent the grimy intruders from spreading to nearby gardens or flower beds.

Master Program

The Master Program is the culmination of our skills into one great package. You’ll still receive the benefits of both the Deluxe and Deluxe Plus programs but with extra perks like: 

  • Golf course grade fertilizers 
  • Surface insect control 

Looking for More Information?

Check out our deluxe lawn care packages. If you have questions or just want to talk to a Grass Master, contact us and we can work with you to choose which program will be the best option for your lawn.