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Lawn Care Tips & Tricks

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Why Local Lawn Services Are Better

Trust Grass Master for Your Lawn Care Who better to trust for lawn care than your local lawn care experts? If you’re choosing a provider for lawn care services, there’s no better place to look than in your own backyard (not literally, but almost). There are so many benefits in going local. Here are a …

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How Much Does Lawn Care Really Cost?

There is just something rewarding about doing the job yourself right? It’s a sense of accomplishment, achievement and a feeling of satisfaction when you look back on all your hard work. This feeling rings true for just about anything you do; building your deck, washing your house, fixing that squeaky door hinge in the basement, …

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Prevent Weed Creep

It starts slowly. You might not even notice it at first. But before you know it, you’re dealing with a full-scale invasion. That’s right – your neighbor’s weeds can quickly become your weeds if you’re not careful. Don’t fret. Grass Master has a few tips for keeping your lawn weed-free even if your neighbors aren’t …

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Lawn Watering Tips

It’s obvious that your lawn needs water to survive. But just how much water does it need? The answer may surprise you. How often should I water my yard? Even during hot weather and droughts, you only need to water your grass every two to three days. Your grass is more resilient than you think, …

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