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How Much Does Lawn Care Really Cost?

There is just something rewarding about doing the job yourself right? It’s a sense of accomplishment, achievement and a feeling of satisfaction when you look back on all your hard work. This feeling rings true for just about anything you do; building your deck, washing your house, fixing that squeaky door hinge in the basement, …

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Nutsedge Identification

Have you been seeing this “weed” popping up in your lawn in the summer? If so, you are dealing with a unique plant from the sedge family of plants called Nutsedge, and it is neither a grass, nor a weed. How to Treat Nutsedge Nutsedge requires treatment above and beyond that of traditional broadleaf weed …

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Grass Seed Planting Tips

Northeast Ohio homeowners are very particular about their lawns. If we notice so much as one dead or thin spot, we do everything we can to quickly fix it. But before you start tearing up your lawn and planting seed, you need to make sure your plan is the most effective solution. Let’s start with …

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Prevent Weed Creep

It starts slowly. You might not even notice it at first. But before you know it, you’re dealing with a full-scale invasion. That’s right – your neighbor’s weeds can quickly become your weeds if you’re not careful. Don’t fret. Grass Master has a few tips for keeping your lawn weed-free even if your neighbors aren’t …

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Soil Testing

What is soil testing? Does everyone need to test their lawn’s soil? Do you need a chemistry degree to understand the results? These are common questions our customers ask us about soil testing. So let’s break it down. Should I test my lawn’s soil? While most northeast Ohio lawns have similar soil, it’s good to …

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Late Winter Lawn Care Tips

If you’re from Akron, Canton or Cleveland, Ohio, you know that February and March are two of the longest months of the year (and February is only 28 days). We’ve already had a few months of winter, but the snow keeps falling. It may not feel like it, but spring is just around the corner …

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How to Save Frost-Bitten Plants

In most places, March signals the start of spring with temperatures steadily rising and plants beginning to bud. But in Ohio, we know that March means a few days of nice weather followed by snow. While this unpredictable weather is hard on all of us, it’s especially hard on plants. After a few warm days …

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