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Give the Gift of Lawn Care

Gift-giving is a wonderful way to show someone how much you care about them. You can demonstrate love, appreciation, even gratitude with a gift. But choosing just the right gift can be tough. Have you ever racked your brain searching for what to get the person who has everything? Picking good gifts is a skill not everyone has mastered, but Grass Master can help.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Coming up with new gift ideas can sometimes be a struggle. Some people don’t want presents. Others already have everything they need (and they buy it themselves if they don’t!). If you’ve known someone for a long time, you may feel like you’ve already gotten them every kind of gift there is to give.

These people can be tough to buy gifts for, even though you still want to show them you care.

But whether you’re searching for a gift for the elderly friend or relative in your life, the person who’s impossible to shop for, or just someone you care about, there’s one gift you may not have considered: the gift of lawn care.

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Give the Gift of a Beautiful Lawn

Consider a new kind of gift idea: a lush green lawn. Giving the gift of lawn care is a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving throughout the year. Your giftee will feel appreciated when they receive a deluxe lawn care package by GrassMaster. No more mowing, seeding, planting, or fertilizing throughout the year: a lawn care package takes care of all of that work, delivering a perfectly healthy, beautiful lawn.

A Grass Master lawn Care Gift Package Provides:

  • Crabgrass control

  • Balanced liquid or dry lawn fertilizers

  • Broadleaf weed control

  • Surface insect control

  • Winterizing fertilizer

Even better, a lawn care package doesn’t just give a healthy green lawn for a day, a week, or even a month — it gives all year.

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Four-Season Giving

A lawn care package by Grass Master delivers six rounds of care and treatment for your giftee’s lawn.
March through April Calendar Icon

Round One

Begins in early spring, providing treatments to prevent weeds and encourage vibrant growth.


Round Two

Delivers late-spring/early summer care in the form of a balanced fertilizer application and weed control.



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Round Three

Protects lush midsummer turf, feeding grass and controlling for pests and broadleaf weeds.


Round Four

Cares for fragile late-summer grass, when temperatures soar and drought can threaten.



August and September icon
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Round Five

Prepares your giftee’s lawn to bed down for the winter, delivering a balanced fertilizer and one last application of weed control.


Round Six

Winterizes the lawn with a winter application of fertilizer to support the grass through its dormant months until spring returns.



August and September icon

Gifting lawn care is the perfect present for anyone with a lawn. It’s convenient, and your gift recipient will love the time that they get back in their lives when lawn care is taken care of. They’ll have more time to enjoy life, hobbies, or just spending time with loved ones … like yourself!

Giving the gift a healthy green lawn is the perfect solution when you’re short on gift ideas, because not only do you give a present that brings joy throughout the year in the form of a beautiful lawn, but your giftee also receives the gift of time.

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