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Get Rid of Fleas, Ticks & Surface Insects 

Protect your lawn from fleas, ticks, and surface insects with our effective Safe Haven program, a combination of our perimeter pest control and our flea and tick services. The program removes insects with three applications. For five applications, choose the Safe Haven Master program. 

Flea and Tick Control

Safeguard your lawn by getting rid of unnecessary fleas and ticks all season long. Beginning in spring, our lawn care experts apply a liquid spray treatment, over five applications, to your lawn and any mulch beds on the property to fully ban fleas and ticks from your yard. 

Up-close look at a flea in the grass.
Prevent dead grass patches with surface insect control services.

Prevent Yard Damage

Surface insects feed on your turf and cause short-term or permanent damage to your lawn.

Keep your home and your beds protected with our flea and tick services.

Don’t Let Fleas & Ticks Inside

Fleas and ticks can travel on adults, children, and pets, causing them to enter your home and transfer to carpet and furniture.

Keep your home and your beds protected with our flea and tick services.

Stop Furniture Infestation

Fleas lay 40-50 eggs a day on your pets, causing them to spread and transfer the eggs to carpet and furniture. 

Surface insect destroying the grass.

Surface Insect Control

Surface insects such as chinch bugs, cut worms, billbugs, and sod webworms feed on your grass, causing extensive damage. Our pest control service protects from these damaging insects and is part of our Deluxe program. *Grub treatment is not included. 

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