Grass Master

Delux Lawn Care Service Turns a Strip Mine to a Stunning Yard

For Geoff Karcher, his yard is more than just a strip of land with some grass on it. Geoff has always taken pride in his yard, a place where his children can play, he can grill in the summer and most importantly, a place where the family can congregate and make memories. However, keeping a large yard pristine can sometimes be a challenge, especially when your land is located on an old strip mine.

Geoff moved into his home eight years ago and after a summer of fighting with his lawn he finally had enough and gave Grass Master a call. He quickly knew that he would need the best after speaking with a Grass Master lawn technician and ordered the deluxe package. The team at Grass Master scheduled an appointment quickly and was treating his lawn in no time. In just a couple years, Geoff’s yard was hardly recognizable to the strip-mine he once knew. “Grass Master has helped me turn a strip mine into a great yard for my kids to grow up in.” Geoff said.

Karcher_Deluxe Lawn Care Service Testimonial

Years later, Geoff is still using the Grass Master Deluxe package to keep his yard looking lush and green. “They take care of just over an acre for us in a very challenging environment and keep our grass looking great all summer long.” Geoff said.

If you have a yard that is putting up a fight contact Grass Master today to get started toward a greener lawn.